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Bright IdeaFind the recommended lamp for your RPTV, DLP or LCD projection television!


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Lamp Research Team

Lamp Research is a world leader in research of digital projection lighting and television. To find out more, please visit our company profile page. Read More..

Do you own a DLP television?

By our calculations, only about 5% of consumers with televisions own a DLP or LCD projection television. Because our company focuses directly on digital projection lighting for electronics such as DLP and LCD projection, we estimate that our unscientific poll will show as high as 15-20% of visitors with a DLP television

Current TV Survey Data

Which type(s) of television display/monitor do you have?
(Research conducted by Luth Research)

Std Error
Conventional / CRT 77.62% 0.19%
Plasma Flat Screen 18.49% 0.18%
LCD Flat screen 34.44% 0.22%
Projection 7.55% 0.12%
Other, Please Specify  1.54% 0.06%

Mean 1.831900
Median 1
range 4
Stddev 1.043822
Mean abs dev 0.924869
Variance 1.089565
Min 1.000000
Max 5.000000


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Latest Flash Survey

July 2008 Survey of DLP customers

What we do?

Lamp Research provides research into various lamp products for Digital Light Processing (DLP), LCD Projection, and front projector lamps.

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December 24, 2008 Naughty Internet Retailers & Misleading Keywords

What's the difference between OEM compatible, replacement, and original? Simple: They all mean that you may not be getting the OEM part. Genuine, original and OEM generally mean that it's the same part that came in your television, while compatible and replacement can mean different things. Always call the company you're purchasing from to double check. In fact, it may be tworth it to call a few companies and compare prices while you're at it. Read More..

November 18, 2008 How Many People Need Lamps?

A recent Lamp Research study shows how many people own digital light projection products such as DLP and LCD Projection displays. Philips is proven to be the leader in production and will need to continue to pump out lamps in the coming years to meet demand. Read More..

Oct 27, 2008 Philips vs. Osram Lamps

Our most recent consumer research shows real-world numbers for the life of both Philips brand versus the Osram/Sylvania brand lamps. Read More..

Jul 18, 2008 Brand Name vs Generic

Why is it so important to buy brand name components when purchasing a high performance lamp for your DLP or LCD television? The answer won't shock you, but you'll think twice before buying generic. Read More..

May 12, 2008 What is Generic?

The real costs in purchasing generic brand lamps. What to expect and what to look for when buying a replacement lamp for your DLP or LCD projection television. Read More..


Lamp Research is proud to announce that we endorse the use of Philips brand UHP lamps for your DLP, LCD, or front projection system. We highly recommend the Philips brand for the following television manufacturers:

Akai, LG, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, RCA, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, and Zenith.

Using a Philips lamp will ensure longer life and operating time of your DLP or LCD television.


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