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About Lamp Research

Independent research meets consumer guidenace. Lamp Research is committed to helping the consumer find the best product at the best prices for their needs.

Lamp Research is also dedicated to helping merchants sell online and offline by helping to conduct surveys and polls of their customers.

We also offer a wide array of independent consulting services and data analyzation services. For investigation into any lamp field, brand, or type, and research into brands and any particular consumer market, we offer tiered pricing:

• $1,200-1,900 Survey Design support

• $1,000 Programming/Setup

• $21.50 per complete for consumer survey panel

• Other professional charges are per hour at a rate of $190/per hour

• All of our rates may vary depending on the size and scope of the project.


What we offer

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“Great site! I used it to help buy a lamp online.” Bradley G.

“It's amazing to see the different kinds of products out there for my television set. My husband and I learned a lot and consider ourselves experts now!” Jessica P.

“My TV repair shop has always been looking for a website like this to show to our customers. Good information and good work.” Sam K.

“It is so hard to find good information now a days. I'm glad you guys have done the research for me.”
John F.

“This website rules. I had no idea how much more expensive in the long run it was to purchase a generic lamp. From now on, I will only purchase Philips brand lamps for my Mitsubishi!”
Patrick P.